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¡Dads! – A Great New TV Series

The following is an excerpt from my just completed original pilot script, ¡Dads! Hope you guys like it and tune in when it goes on the air!


It’s a typical Saturday morning at the tire store. Dads are milling about taking in the aromas as other dads walk in. GREG raises his hand to greet and get the attention of TOM, who has just walked in.  GREG holds a TRAVEL COFFEE MUG in his hand and is standing near the back wall of the store where a large number of TIRES, representing various brands, are mounted on the wall, accompanied by price and promotional information. TOM walks over to where GREG is standing.


Hey, Tom.


Hey, Greg, what’s happenin’?


C’mere. Stand right here next to me and let it fill your nostrils.


Is that?…


Yeaaaaah, the new BF Goodrich All Season Radial…do you–


Licorice…eucalyptus notes. Mmmmmmm.


Amazing right? Hey, there’s Phil. Hey, Phil!

PHIL walks into the store, sees GREG waving him over and walks up to where he and TOM are standing. He shakes TOM’s hand first and then shakes GREG’s and the handshake turns into a one-armed bro hug.


What’s shakin’, fellas?


I was just introducing Tom to the–


The new All Season Radial? Aw hells yeah. That’s my new favorite!


I like it, but I’m still partial to my Goodyears.

The other dads begin to take note of the conversation between the three friends and start sniffing the air and waving their hands under their noses as if trying to scoop handfuls of the smell of the new, special TIRE into their nostrils. Smiles and nods of approval are exchanged all around.


If you really want to enjoy it though, Tom, you gotta do it the way Phil and I do.

PHIL nods knowingly to GREG who walks in close to the TIRE, leans over and licks the TIRE slowly and sensuously. He closes his eyes and…

GREG (cont’d)

Mmmmmm, that’s the good stuff.

PHIL now moves in towards the TIRE as well, pauses to smile at his friend and leans in slowly to lick the TIRE, letting out a soft moan as he does so. As he pulls back his eyes flutter open and meet GREG’s. They hold each other’s gaze for a beat, then two, then they start to kiss. Their hands grasp each other’s faces as GREG’s TRAVEL MUG crashes to the floor and the kiss lingers and grows in intensity.  TOM turns away from the two of them and takes in the rest of the room with his gaze…


Okay, everybody, the hardware store next door is open. Why don’t we give these two some privacy?

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